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Don’t Ignore Bleeding or Irritated Gums

While some bleeding from the gums may not seem like a big deal or worth seeking treatment, but they may be a warning that you are dealing with more significant oral health issues. Instead of ignoring bleeding gums, visit a dental professional to determine their cause. Below, we offer three possible causes of bleeding gums that may be affecting your oral health.

Gum disease is the most well-known cause of bleeding gums, and it is a periodontal infection that causes irritation and bleeding in the gums, as well as causes the gum tissue to look swollen and red or even recede from the teeth. You may also have bad breath that doesn’t go away. Our dentist at Alan L. Nix DDS can help you identify and address any signs of gum disease.

Oral care can even result in bleeding gums if you inconsistently practice your oral hygiene routine. This is because the complacent gum tissue becomes irritated by the floss string, but the bleeding and discomfort should go away if you floss and brush every day.

Pregnancy can put you at risk of a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis, which is brought on by changing hormones. Your bleeding gums may be accompanied by signs of gingivitis, including red gums that are swollen and tender. Address any gum problems now so that the gingivitis doesn’t advance to a worse stage.

We invite you to contact our office at 972-563-7633 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alan Nix if you need treatment for bleeding gums in Terrell, Texas.

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