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Focus Your Oral Health Care on Toothaches

Often times, people mistake pains in their teeth is toothaches. An actual toothache is an abscessed tooth that has pus buildup and frequent infections to both the tooth itself and areas around the tooth. Furthermore, if it is not treated, it can lead to infections in your jaw bone and cause problems to other teeth and surrounding tissues.

If you have a pain in your mouth that does not easily go away, it may be linked to a toothache. This includes pain that continues after 24 hours after an extraction, or after using medications meant to dull the pain. In addition, if you spot noticeable discharge or inflammation, it may be a sign that a toothache is present.

If you have suffered an oral accident or injury, or a tooth is erupting in your mouth, you are at an increased risk for toothaches. In addition, TMJ disorders and other forms of dental damage can potentially cause toothaches to flare up. If you notice any swelling in your face or noticeable discharge, as well as suffer symptoms of facial rashes, high fevers, or chills, visit your dentist for a toothache examination.

For more toothache treatments and care from a dentist in Terrell, Texas, our team at Alan L. Nix DDS can help you. If are in need of an oral exam from Dr. Alan Nix, please schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office. We can be reached at 972-563-7633.


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