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Autumn Smile Basics: Dental Implants

As the summer season begins to near its end, it is important to not let your oral hygiene tactics slide. Furthermore, it is also an excellent opportunity to finally have any oral health care treatments that you may have had gone untreated finally taken care of. This includes filling in any gaps left behind by missing and lost teeth. An ideal tooth replacement treatment to consider is dental implants.

Dental implants are highly effective and recommended tooth replacement treatments designed to fill in your smile when missing teeth are present. Not only can dental implants help reinvigorate your jaw structure, and strengthen your jaw, they can also help to fill out your facial structure and bring back lost food restrictions or speaking skills they may have been hindered or impaired due to tooth loss.

Dental implants work by directly attaching to your jawbone. However, because they’re meant to be held in place for a potential lifetime’s worth of wear and tear, it is essential that your jawbone is strong enough to hold them. If you have a week or frail jawbone, a dental implant will not be effective. Fortunately, bone grafting treatments do exist that can strengthen your jawbone and allow an implant to be placed. As an alternative to dental implants, dental bridges or dentures can also be used to replace teeth.

Dental implants may be the dentistry service you need. For an oral examination at Alan L. Nix DDS at our dentist office in Terrell, Texas, please book an appointment with Dr. Alan Nix and our team by calling 972-563-7633. It’s never too late to start taking steps to a healthier you.

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