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The Habits That Can Wreck Your Child’s Teeth and Gums

Sometimes our habits get the best of us—and our teeth—and it’s the same for our children. Although this is the case for many, it’s still important to help your child keep their smile in tip-top shape so their teeth can last a lifetime. Today, your dentist, Dr. Alan Nix, would like to talk about the many different things/habits that can harm your child’s smile and how to avoid them.

The first habit is chewing on anything other than food. This means chewing on things like pencils, pens, and ice can damage the teeth. In fact, it can fracture the enamel and break the teeth. So, if your child tends to chew on objects when they are bored in class, or at any other time, really, then it’s best to encourage them to chew on sugar-free gum instead.

The second habit is constantly snacking throughout the day. Snacking is hard on the teeth because it constantly exposes the enamel to damaging substances, like bacteria and acid. When the teeth are constantly exposed to these things, it can create tooth decay and other dental issues.

The third habit is refusing to use a mouthguard while active. If your child plays high-contact sports and activities without wearing a mouthguard, there is a high chance their teeth and gums can be damaged. This usually happens when a ball, knee, elbow, or other hard object hits the mouth and knocks out or cracks a tooth or even rips the gums. It’s best to have your child protect their mouth with a mouthguard while they are active.

Do you have any questions on how to protect your child’s smile in Terrell, Texas? If so, please call Alan L. Nix DDS at 972-563-7633 at your earliest convenience. We are excited to assist you!

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