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If Flossing with Thread Is a Struggle, Switch to a Water Flosser

If flossing with thread is a struggle, switch to a water flosser. Typically, water flossers are used when traditional thread becomes too hard due to muscle disorders, a physical accident, orthodontic braces are being worn, or simply old age. No matter what reason you need to switch to a water flosser, they will impress and astound with their ability to keep your teeth and gums clean.

A water flosser does not need thread to clean between your teeth. Instead, it shoots a steady beam of water at your teeth designed to wash away nasty food residue and harmful plaque capable of creating harmful acids that cause dental erosion. With a water flosser, your teeth with benefit from this heightened cleaning tool to use in compliment of your toothbrush, although you will only need to water floss once per day.

Water flossers are also highly effective at keeping previous oral health care services clean. This includes braces, dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures that may be present in your smile. Some treatments cannot be easily cleaned with traditional floss, so water flossers must be used.

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