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Fillings Are a Standard Treatment Option for Small Cavities

Tooth decay, commonly referred to as a cavity, can have a serious impact on the function of your mouth and your overall oral health. So long as the cavity is modest in size, your dentist, Dr. Alan Nix, can usually repair it with a dental filling in Terrell, Texas. The material that he recommends for the filling will be influenced by the tooth’s primary function in your mouth, the cavity’s position on the tooth, and the filling’s potential appearance in your smile.

Composite fillings are made from a resin material that can be shaded to match the surrounding enamel. These fillings can be applied in a single appointment.

Ceramic fillings are a good choice for teeth that appear in your smile. The porcelain material can be shaded to match the color of the surrounding tooth enamel. Porcelain fillings are made in a laboratory and then fitted during a follow-up appointment.

The occlusal, or biting surface, of back teeth is primarily called upon to do a lot of chewing and grinding of tough foods. This makes durable materials, like gold and base metals, a good choice for fillings in these areas. Just like porcelain fillings, gold inlays and onlays need to be custom made in a dental lab before being cemented into your cavity at a brief follow-up appointment.

Amalgam fillings are less expensive than gold, yet they are just as durable. Amalgam is dark in color so it is rarely used to fill a cavity in a spot that is visible in your smile.

If you have a cavity in Terrell, Texas, you should call Alan L. Nix DDS at 972-563-7633 to seek professional treatment.

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