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A Fractured Tooth Requires Our Attention

A fracture or damage to one or more of your teeth can seriously compromised the function of your mouth and your ability to chew food. Fractures are most commonly caused by accidental blows to the face. However, you are even more likely to suffer a fractured tooth if you grind your teeth at night, nibble on objects like pens and pencils or participate in contact sports without the benefit of a mouth guard.

In some situations, the fracture might be limited to a shallow part of the tooth enamel. If it poses no immediate danger to the internal structures of the tooth Alan L. Nix DDS might simply be able to repair it with a common filling.

If you experience sharp or persistent pain, or increased sensitivity in the fractured tooth, then it’s a pretty clear sign that the damage has penetrated the interior of the tooth. In many cases like this Alan L. Nix DDS recommends having a root canal performed.

This will remove the damaged structures and rebuild them to provide enough integrity to later anchor a permanent crown.

If you have recently fractured a tooth, you should not delay in contacting Alan L. Nix DDS at 972-563-7633 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you find a fast resolution to this most serious problem.

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