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Life in the country can be an exhilarating experience. Beautiful views, open spaces, and fresh air can certainly be appealing and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It’s also worth noting that many rural locations rely on wells or other natural sources of water in the household. This water often does not contain the added fluoride that you find from municipal water sources available in urban communities.

Exposing your teeth to trace amounts of fluoride can help maintain the mineral strength of your tooth enamel to reduce your chances of suffering cavities and tooth sensitivity discomfort. If you live in a rural location without ready access to fluoridated water it could gradually affect your dental health.

One way to address this concern is to have Dr. Alan Nix administer a simple fluoride treatment. This can often be done at the end of your routine dental checkup at his Terrell, Texas, clinic.

After your appointment, Dr. Alan Nix might also provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements. This can help compensate for the lack of fluoridated water at home to maintain the health of your teeth in between your routine dental checkups.

It’s often best to administer the fluoride supplements to your teeth right before bed or at a time when you can abstain from eating or drinking anything for at least an hour.

If you live in the Terrell, Texas, region and you don’t have ready access to fluoridated water, you should call 972-563-7633 to schedule a dental checkup at Alan L. Nix DDS.